ARTEX 2000 sas is ARTEX IS THE OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE TUSCAN REGION of IRO weft feeders and is the point of reference for the purchase of spare parts for TEXTILE MACHINERY,for the purchase all kind of   weft feeders and for repair services for mechanical and electronics

On our site you will find information about our products and services, as well as our company. Come and visit us, we will be at your disposal.

Quality and expert advice distinguish ARTEX 2000 sas based in Montemurlo. We listen to your requests in such a way as to be able to identify the product or the electronics that you are looking for.


Artex2000 Sas also carries out repairs of all types of ELECTRONIC CARDS and can supply all ORIGINAL spare parts - hybrids included - for SAVItec/ Tecnomatex weft Feeders.

Artex2000 Sas is supplying - on demand - several types of eletric transformers for all use and power.

In our store in Montemurlo you will find  everything you need for the electronics and mechanical and electronic parts for weft feeders SAVITEC / TECNOMATEX; IRO, ROJ all at affordable prices, always with the ARTEX 2000 sas top-quality.

Do you have problems with your weft feeder or your loom ?

ARTEX 2000 sas offers you the most complete and professional advice and assistance. Find out more about our services